Blessing of the Boats 2014

Come be a part of our 3rd Annual Blessing of the Boats in Baldwin Michigan. It's a great weekend to spend in Northern Michigan. We'll have Live music, Food, beverages and giveaways from Scientific Anglers of Midland, Ross Reels, Mystic Fly Rods, representatives from Tohatsu Motors and Yamaha as well. 

This is a great weekend to see our boats up close as well as check out some of the best equipment and gear available in the industry. This is a family friendly event so hitch up your boat and pack up the whole family, oh and don't forget the dogs!
Everyone is welcome! Bring your boat regardless of make or model and head to Baldwin!


This Friday July 25 & Saturday July 26.

There will be a gathering Friday Night with the main program beginning Saturday morning with the Blessing of the Boats @ 9:00 a.m. We'll then hitch up the boats and float, jet and enjoy the water on the Manistee River dropping in at Tippy Dam to  heading to High Bridge. Car spotting provided if needed.  After the float we'll head back to check out the vendors, relax, and enjoy some amazing food and fun back at Baldwin Creek Lodge
courtesy of Stealthcraft.

Join us, Drift into the 21st Century.
7038 South M-37 Baldwin, MI 49304
Phone: 231-745-4401

Introducing our 16' and 18' Stealthcraft ATB


At Stealthcraft we are continually developing and innovating.  We've design the Stealthcraft ATB series (All Terrain Boat) to displace minimal water for those skinny water areas you want to get to.  The ATB series has the versatility to back row or forward row with ease as well as the ability to add a motor and go more than 5 miles an hour like our competitors driftboats. Combine the wide bottom footprint for skinny water and the motor options with a ton of storage and stability even when fully loaded, this craft is definitely the true multi-purpose-all terrain boat. Check out our Stealthcraft 18' ATB and Stealthcraft 16' ATB models and view the videos of each model to get an in-depth view of these versatile boats.

Check out our ad in the fall 2013 Drake Magazine. Click on the cover to visit them online!

18' ATB Videos 16' ATB Videos


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11' Stalker Special

We are offering a 2,795 special for the start of 2014 shown as pictured, 3,500 with small drift boat trailer.  This is a boat that everyone loves give us a call or an email to order one today. More info here.

*NEW* 12' MiniFly $4,995 USD

Just added to our 'new boats for sale' section!  12' Minifly $4,995 USD. Check it out by clicking here. Includes trailer and oars.

Blessing of the Boats 2014

Our 3rd Annual Blessing of the Boats will be July 25-26, 2014 in Baldwin Michigan. The weekend event will feature Music by Keith Scott, Blessing of the Boats by Father Ron as well as catering by Barski's and pre-float beverages provided by Great Lakes Brewery. Sponsors include Scientific Anglers, Tohatsu/Nissan Marine and Sawyer oars. Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact us!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to Steathcraft Boats

I can still remember my first day of fly fishing. I was wading the Pere Marquette River in Northwestern Michigan on a warm June evening about 30 years ago. The river was full of trout rising to some sort of mayfly.  I was throwing a discount store bought fly, using a clicker fly reel with no drag and a cheap fly rod. I stumbled upon a huge trout rising against the bank about 30 feet away, but with my heavy, slow action fiberglass rod, I couldn’t throw a loop tight enough to reach it but failed to get the hookup.  I headed back to the car after dark, disappointed, but motivated to beg, borrow or steal one of those fancy new graphite rods that was just starting to change the fishing world forever.

There is almost no aspect of our sport that hasn’t been revolutionized by the new high tech materials that science has delivered to the marketplace. Graphite, kevlar, titanium, ceramic, high impact epoxies, thermoplastic resins...the list goes on and on. Even our clothing and waders have been modernized using waterproof breathable shells and moisture wicking fabrics.

So why are driftboat builders still wallowing in the past, using the same inexpensive fiberglass cloth and brittle resins that made our old fly rods so heavy and unresponsive?

This isn't true of the rest of the performance boat world. Offshore racing boats, America’s Cup sailboats, high tech flats boats and even high performance canoe manufacturers have all switched to combinations of carbon and kevlar, combined with high-impact cores and the new super-epoxies and resins.

We looked at the driftboat design with a completely clean slate. No preconceptions. None of those old “it’s always been done like this” or “Hyde sells a lot of boats by doing it like that.” Not even any “sure that would be nice, but it would be cheaper to do it this way.”

The only criteria was whether a change would make the boat lighter, faster, more impact resistant, quieter and less visible to fish. We demanded a boat that would float shallower, row easier, sneak closer and hold up to the abuse that a guide would give it.

After all, we are fishing guides ourselves, and frankly, we were tired of bright colored boats that made lots of noise when they bumped a rock scaring our clients fish away before they had an opportunity to catch them and thereby costing us tip money. StealthCraft Boats feature a virtual Who’s Who list of high tech materials. The hull combines the extreme toughness of kevlar, the lasting strength of epoxy, the lightweight stiffness of graphite, the sound deadening properties of aircraft grade polypro honeycomb and the slipperiness of an ultra high molecular weight Duraslick bottom.

100 pounds lighter than any of our competitors boats and tougher than even an aluminum drifter.

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PP Plascore

Check out this article and interview with Stealthcraft Owner, Mike Batcke, about the use of PP Honeycomb in the design and construction of Stealthcraft boats and the advantages over other methods currently being used by many of the competitors. (click on the logo above).


Looking for a place to stay during your time up in Northern Michigan? Check out Batcke's Baldwin Creek Lodge, nestled on the banks of the Baldwin River.

What people are saying...

This boat out performs and out maneuvers any driftboat I've owned. I won't name names!

Dan Flesser