Eric Hornung Artist Series

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Eric & his shop pup Sully.

At Stealthcraft, We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Eric Hornung on numerous projects for our customers. His artwork and style is known throughout the fishing, and specifically, the fly fishing community. Eric has been an ambassador for us at Stealthcraft and his artwork on our boats shows no signs of losing any momentum with our customers. If you’d like to get your new Stealthcraft skinned with some wicked talent, contact us.
A bit about Eric…
At 17 I left for art school… At 20 I was back at home… adrift without a paddle. If I had any guts at that time I would have pursued tattooing. The thought occurred to me but it didn’t feel like the right time.  I got a job with a sign painter, spent 9 years painting signs, lettering trucks, and doing graphic design work. Although I learned a lot, and it was after all “ART” It didn’t satisfy me. When sign work was slow, I bartended, and became more of a hustler than anything else. I deluded myself into thinking as long as I did enough to get by that it would work out for me.  One thing that I’ve never compromised is that I am an artist. I wanted a career, and would not be comfortable accepting just “a job.”
I have many artistic influences, there are too many artists to name, but above all I am inspired by the lines, colors, shapes and movement of nature. So if you come in for tribal and I try to talk you into a trout… That’s why.
Thank You…  Jen, I am humbled by your generosity and how you believed in me when it felt like rock bottom. My girls, Milla and Tasha, thank you for fueling my creativity. To Mom and Dad, who I often take for granted, thank you for letting me learn from my own mistakes, and encouraging me, as frustrating as it must have been.  Stephan, Thanks for listening to me bitch while we fished.  And last, to all of my friends who offered themselves as guinea pigs when people didn’t want tattoos from the new guy.
“How do I respond when people roll their eyes at fishing tattoos?”
“If they’re not for you thats fine… I think nautical stars and crosses are silly, and I can’t draw the grim reaper very well.”

Check out more of Eric’s art and artistry at:
Hornung Steelhead Chaser OG
Hornung Steelhead Chaser OG
Hornung Steelhead Chaser OG
Hornung Steelhead Chaser OG
Hornung Black Carbon Gray Steelhead Chaser
Hornung Muskie Madness on Rocks
Hornung Muskie Madness Real
Hornung Muskie Madness Real2
Hornung Muskie Madness Real3
Hornung Muskie Madness Real4
Hornung Brownchaser Red Rocket on rocks
Hornung Brook Flank
Hornung Inuit Salmon
Hornung Patriot Brownchaser Flagfly
Hornung Brown Chaser Dryfly
Hornung Brownchaser Dry Real
Hornung Smallie on Rocks
Hornung Hatched Rainbow
Hornung Tiger Trout
Hornung Patriot Steelchaser FlagFly
Hornung Steelchaser Rocket on Rocks